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Teon L. Brooks Ph.D is the director and co-founder of Gotham Data Clinic (GDC).

Dr. Brooks completed his doctoral studies in cognition and perception at New York University’s Psychology Department. There, he received several awards and fellowships to support his research including the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship (2011-2014), the French Embassy to the U.S’s STEM Chateaubriand Fellowship (2014-2015), and the NSF Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide (2014-15). His dissertation focused on developing new techniques to understanding the brain-behavior dynamics of word recognition during reading.

Following his studies, Teon received the Mozilla Fellowship (2016-2017) for Open Science where he completed his postdoctoral work at Stanford University. There, his work focused on developing FAIR data standards for MEG data. In addition to his research, Teon focused on science advocacy through his work as a national co-organizer for the inaugural March for Science.

Teon has served as a core contributor to the MNE Project, a collection of open-source, data analysis tools for time-series, neurophysiological data (MEG/EEG/iEEG/fNIRS). This includes significant contributions to MNE-Python, MNE-BIDS, and MNE-Realtime.

Dr. Brooks has served as the technical advisor and President of BrainWaves, an NIH-funded project to teach experimentation and cognitive neuroscience to high school students in NYC, and has co-founded the Gotham Data Clinic (GDC), a nonprofit that aims to further the mission of the BrainWaves project while focusing on data science, computational thinking, and understanding computations in both humans and machines.

Recently, Dr. Brooks led the Research and Development team at Aimlabs, the makers of Aim Lab, a first-person-shooter aim trainer. Prior to Aimlabs, Dr. Brooks worked primarily as a senior product data scientist at Mozilla.

He tweets at @teonbrooks and toots at @teon.

Short Bio

Here’s a summarized version of my bio. Teon L. Brooks Ph.D is the co-founder and director of Gotham Data Clinic (GDC). Prior to GDC, Teon led the Research and Development team at Aimlabs, the makers of Aim Lab, a FPS aim trainer. Dr. Brooks has extensive expertise in product data science and research methods; he was a senior data scientist at Mozilla. His research background in psycholinguistics, cognitive science, and machine learning. He tweets at @teonbrooks and toots at @teon.