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Dispatches from a kitchen: Snickerdoodle Cookie

Published: 2024-02-26




Sally’s baking blog is amazing, I really enjoy all of her recipes.

I did learn that not all baking settings in the oven are equal. I’ve noticed this a bit over the weeks, but I have now learned that the convection oven setting on the oven may not be the best setting for cookies and over baked goods. I took my cookies out and I noticed that there was much more browning than I expected. The cookies had also lost the moisture.

I looked it up and I came across Bob’s Red Mill blog that goes into detail about the baking differences between the two settings. I will need to change the order on the selection menu for baking on my oven now!

Also I noticed that my cookies were thinner and spread out more than the recipe showed. I would like to redo these to see if I can have a better understanding of why they weren’t thick and pillowy like in the photo.


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