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Teon L Brooks, PhD


Public Profile

Work Experience

VP, Head of Research and Development | Statespace


Product Manager | Mozilla


Senior Data Scientist | Mozilla


Executive Summary

At Mozilla, I supported our Revenue and Business Development teams with product and revenue analytics. Relatedly, I worked with the Search product team on the Awesome Bar, our combined address bar and search product within the Firefox Browser, and researched how to improve the experience with finding things on the web.

Previously, I have worked with one of our product development teams, Test Pilot, to rapidly iterate on new features for the browser.

Open Science Fellow | Mozilla-Stanford


Executive Summary

During my 2016-2017 Mozilla Fellowship for Science, I was a national co-organizer for the inaugural March for Science in Washington, D.C., which amassed 100k advocates for Science, and for evidence-based decisions in policy-making.

During my postdoc at Stanford, I was a core-contributor to (1) the Brain Imaging Data Structure project for the inclusion of MEG into the specification (our paper), and to (2) the MNE-BIDS project to provide a software implementation (our paper).