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Dispatches from a kitchen: Oatmeal Cookie Butter Cookie

Published: 2024-04-12

Original Recipe


To be completed.


I used a teaspoon of rum since we didn’t have vanilla extract.

The recipe didn’t suggest adding the passionfruit juice and I think that is a huge missed opportunity. I added the passionfruit juice to the dough. Because it adds the wetness of the dough, I then refrigerate it for at least 30 minutes. Given the softness of the dough, I might suggest that you refrigerate it for for longer, maybe an hour or two.

At first, I wasn’t convince that I should add the passionfruit seeds because I thought it would distract from the cookie so I tried some with and some without. My conclusion was that the seeds are necessary. It gives it a nice flavorful crunch and it complement the soft texture of the cookie.


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